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Executive Leadership Roles

The Executive meet on a monthly basis - key responsibilities include:

Co-chairs (one male and one female)

  • To be the public and representative face of the Youth Council
  • To go out and get views of young people and share these with your HYC peers
  • To chair HYC meetings and represent HYC at meetings with councillors, council officers and partners


  • To represent the Youth Council
  • To fight for a budget to keep the HYC going
  • To keep all finances clean and in order
  • To provide financial reports


  • To represent the Youth Council
  • To help do any behind the scene work, to keep the HYC going
  • To be a channel of communication between the councillors, officers and council partners and other Youth Councillors
  • To respond to enquiries and liaise with support officers and chairs about reports and content of future HYC meetings

Environmental Champion

  • To represent the Youth Council
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues within the HYC and to act as HYC spokesperson on green issues
  • To champion green issues across Haringey
  • To drive initiatives towards making the HYC the greenest youth council in the UK

UK Youth Parliament Representatives

  • To represent the Youth Council
  • To raise awareness of UKYP and it’s activities within the Youth Council
  • To represent the views of Haringey children and young people at UKYP

Media and Marketing

  • Represents the Youth Council
  • Manages the social networking aspect
  • Connecting with different organisation and partners
  • Designing marketing materials for the Youth Councils
  • Works closely with the rest of the team to improve marketing strategies

Disabilities and Young Carers

  • Represents the Youth Council
  • Has an understanding about Special needs and Young Carers difficulties
  • Partnership work with other projects in Haringey
  • Looks at different services and facilities available for young people in Haringey and the effectiveness.

Health and Well-being

  • Represents the Youth Council
  • Encourages health and well being to be prioritised for young people in Haringey
  • Looks at ways to influence a healthier Haringey
  • Researches around health projects which can facilitated by the Youth Council.


  • All Youth Councillors will work within equalities guidelines and towards ensuring the Youth Council is inclusive and representative of all Haringey Children and Young People.
  • All Cabinet Members are expected to be committed and to attend HYC meetings and carry out HYC work.
  • All Cabinet Members are expected to be approachable and to communicate effectively with Youth Councillors and other young people.

You will receive support and guidance from the Youth Council Development Officer and others, to enable you to carry out your role as a Youth Councillor and/or Cabinet Member.

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